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While there could be several differences between a group and a team, one key difference between them is in how each member is self-aware enough to understand his or her own personal strengths and weaknesses, how much each member is socially aware enough to identify the individual differences sustained by their mates, how well they utilize the strength of each member for the good of all and more importantly how much they understand the “HOW” to communicate and relate with other personality types irrespective of their “good”, “bad” and ugly”

The “DISC Empowered Team” is a team enhancement training program powered by the DISC Profile.

Through a subtle personality assessment, the strength and weaknesses of each participant is revealed and their personality is aligned with probable traits exhibited in the activities that are deployed.

More importantly, the strength and weakness of the participant as a member of a department, organization or particular functional or cross functional level is analyzed through the profiles to identify why there are drawbacks like procrastination, lack of prioritization, bullying, inefficiency, complacency etc. in the team and proactively identify how to adjust to become more productive aggregately.


Value Proposition

At the end of this training participants will learn:

  • Enhanced Collaboration
  • Improved Enthusiasm
  • Enhanced Sharing and Support Paradigm
  • Action Enabler
  • Assertive Communication
  • Improved Feedback and many more benefits.



Module 1: Status Revealing DISC Analysis

Module 2: Eliciting Team Building Activities

Module 3: Aligning Personalities and Profiles

Module 4: Identification of Strength, Weaknesses their effects on Relationship, Change, Pursuit, Health etc

Module 5: Coaching for Growth Areas to impact productivity

Module 6: The “HOW” to relate and communicate with different personalities

Module 7: Briefing for Optimized Team Productivity

Module 8: Six Thinking Caps


Who can attend?

Members of any Group, Team Department whether Functional or Cross Functional



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