Social Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning Certified Educator

Course overview

After countless research from the world knowledge bodies about how learning works best, Social and Emotional learning has been adjudged the best learning permutation ever found. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the application of Emotional Intelligence Competencies in Teaching and Learning, the potency of SEL is premised on the fact that Learning is acombination of emotional and cognitive activity, competencies from both sides must be implemented in the process of Teaching and Learning; thus is it for Educators and Students.

Educators and Learners thus need to be emotionally intelligent in order to achieve optimal learning.
This Certification Program would immerse Educators in the competencies of Emotional Intelligence using one of the words best Emotional Intelligence Model.


Social Emotional Learning

For Educators is Designed For:

Teachers      Head Masters/Mistresses     School Counsellors     Care Givers
Proprietors/Proprietresses     Parents     Anyone concerned about helping children/students learn successfully



Gain mastery in Emotional Intelligence Competencies
Become a more Self Aware Educator
Ability to “Choose Self” appropriately in class and with students
Be in charge of personal emotions irrespective of personal and family issues.
Learn strategies to regulate the “Emotional Health” of a class
Increased level of Optimism
Gain ability to manage any type of student’s personality
Gain mastery in Social and Emotional Learning Application
Increase positive Teacher-Student Relationship
Become a Positive Model for Students hereby empowering student’s emotional quotient
Get empowered with EQ Resource
Help educators to manage anger, irritation and other toxic emotions
Decreased levels of emotional distress and discipline problems.
Improves Students and Educators attitude about self and others
It prevents varieties of problems such as bullying, alcohol, violence, truancy etc.
Decrease levels of emotional distress and discipline problems.
Increased healthy emotions for students
Use the knowledge gained to empower others


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Emotional Intelligence Certified Performer Certification

 Emotional Intelligence Certified Performance

Building Capacity for Holistic Performance & Transformation

| Focus | Drive | Decision Making | Relationship |

 Course Overview 

After billions of dollars in research and fact-finding, using world class organizations, analyzing the human brain, closely studying different set of people worldwide over substantial number of years, the world knowledge bodies, scientists, information technology experts, human resource leaders including University of Yale, MIT, Harvard University, Silicon Valley, Society for Human Resource Management, International Coaching Federation and so on have concluded that Emotional Quotient which is the measure of your Emotional intelligence is more important to a holistic successful life than Intelligence Quotient.

Your emotional intelligence is linked to your effectiveness, well-being, relationships, decision making and drive.

Increase your emotional mastery and you would have a better quality of life.

“Emotional intelligence isn’t a luxury you can dispense with in tough times. It’s a basic tool that, when deployed with finesse, is key to professional success”.…Harvard Business Review

At Pause Factory, we believe that the first step to becoming an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner is to immerse yourself into Emotional Intelligence competencies by beginning with yourself as an “Emotional Intelligence Performer” because you cannot perform beyond installed capacity and more importantly you cannot give the capacity you don’t sustain; hence “Emotional Intelligence Certified Performer”.

Your holistic performance would be empowered as you develop your own Emotional Intelligence which would improve your results in tasks and people based operations.

While we would expose you to several tools, the most important tool is YOU.



You should because:

YOU are a human being, embodied with EMOTIONS

Your EMOTIONS influences all your ACTIONS

Your ACTIONS determines how the world DEFINES you and your ACTIONS determines your RESULTS in life

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Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach


Details coming soon…


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