How Emotional Intelligence Changed Interviewing

Authored by Neighthan White What is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is how a person uses their emotions in order to identify, understand, and manage emotional situations in a positive manner in order to communicate successfully and relate to others. Not long ago businesses hired based on the answers in an interview as to where the […]

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7 Actionable Tips For Employee Well-Being To Boost Engagement And Productivity

Authored by Forbes Coaches Council A growing number of U.S. businesses are shifting focus from employee wellness programs to well-being initiatives — more comprehensive health and productivity programs that tackle elements such as the workforce’s emotional and mental health, social connectivity, financial education, sense of fulfillment on the job, and many other aspects. Workplace health […]

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Putting Performance and Happiness Together in the Workplace

Performance and happiness go hand in hand in making an organization successful. With both an appropriate performance management system and a positive approach to influencing people that increases happiness, an organization’s key results can more likely be achieved and sustained. Which of the following types of persons would you prefer to have in greater numbers […]

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