Training Evaluation The first action required after any training program is to ascertain if the training met the stated objectives. Every training program must have stated objectives before the training. One major purpose of identifying training objectives is to determine the exact knowledge that will be acquired from the training and if properly design, it […]

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Your Emotions Say Who You Are

Ever been asked the question “WHO ARE YOU?” Usually, there is an imbalance, because there is first confusion about which part of you to start with; some people say their name, others their position at work, their work history and some talk about their behaviour. Your real self is hinged around your Emotions; because everything […]

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Proven Ways to Manage Anxiety

During our last EQ Café, (a free quarterly 2-hour program where we practice Emotional Intelligence) we applied Emotional Intelligence to anxiety. Anxiety is growing all around the world, and if it is an Emotion, then we can use Emotional Intelligence to manage it. How would you define anxiety in your own words? from a global […]

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