Your Emotions Say Who You Are

Ever been asked the question “WHO ARE YOU?” Usually, there is an imbalance, because there is first confusion about which part of you to start with; some people say their name, others their position at work, their work history and some talk about their behaviour. Your real self is hinged around your Emotions; because everything […]

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Ways to Be Loving and Kind

Whether it’s with loved ones or strangers, it never hurts to treat people with kindness. Here are 87 ideas – and a free activity – to #GrowKindness How to be kind seems simple enough. But sometimes it feels impossible to be kind and loving, don’t you think? We get so angry and frustrated at events […]

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How Emotional Intelligence Changed Interviewing

Authored by Neighthan White What is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is how a person uses their emotions in order to identify, understand, and manage emotional situations in a positive manner in order to communicate successfully and relate to others. Not long ago businesses hired based on the answers in an interview as to where the […]

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