About Us

Pause Factory is a business and management consulting company that leverages people’s emotions and performance architecture to solve organizational challenges and craft organizational transformation.

We use the “vitals” of your Leaders, Teams and Organization to create a customized solution blue print for your transformation.

We know every organization has two Outlook which are (1) The Technical and Financial Outlook (2) The People & Relational Outlook. We thus ensure we do not lose sight of any as we chart transformation for organizations.

Our global expertise in Emotional Intelligence Applications and Performance Management tools helps us to balance the people side and technical side of any organizational challenge.

Our Artificial intelligence based diagnosis tools helps to reveal the root cause of your individual and organizational challenges and thus lead to potent solutions.

Some of our business solutions include

  • Optimizing Organizational Structure
  • Organizational/Team/Leadership Diagnosis
  • Improving employee engagement and motivation
  • Improving Sales (Sales people and Sales System)
  • Enhancing Customer Experience
  • Improving leadership capabilities
  • Smoothening team capabilities and performance
  • Deploying Performance Management System
  • Crafting Succession Plan
  • Designing of Potent Key Performance Indicators
  • Organizational Strategy Design

All training programs, no matter how technical are soaked in neuroscience because we know that “Emotions Drive people; People Derive Performance”


What We Do

  • We Empower INDIVIDUALS to Discover and Utilize 
  • their highest potential for Self Actualization.
  • We partner with the leadership of ORGANIZATIONS using validated ASSESSMENT and TOOLS to build a MOTIVATED TEAM that attains OPTIMAL EXECUTION pivoted on a healthy organizational CULTURE that is built on TRUST.


Our Vision

To continuously be one of Nigerian’s leading People and Business Development Company

Our Mission

Is to empower people from all strata of the Nigeria and African Society  with this critical, success determining skill called Emotional Intelligence

Our Uniqueness

Our unique selling proposition is the ability to achieve positive change in the life of our participants after training. We are sure about this because our trainings combine these 4 critical elements

  1. Technical Competence
  2. Relational and Emotional Competence associated with the Technical Competence
  3. Deep Self-reflective Elements
  4. Coaching Methodology rather than teaching.

Our Value


Service: We find our self in the selfless service of others.
Hardwork: In the pursuit of a purpose such as ours, hardwork becomes a necessity not an option.
Act: We execute every act as though it is our last.
Passion: We are committed from the heart to the mind.
Empathy: By stepping into the shoes of our clients we are able to treat them as we treat ourselves.



Pause Factory is Africa’s Premier Emotional Intelligence Academy. Presently one of the only three African Preferred Partners of Six Seconds (the world’s largest  Emotional Intelligence Network) and a member of International Society of Emotional Intelligence. Click here to verify

Our Philosophy

We Build the HEAD(Knowledge) and the HAND (Action) through the HEART.


Based on global research and our mission to fact find the secret to the success of training, we have come to realize that there exists the “training of the HEAD” and also the “training of the HEART”.

When the HEAD is trained, information is transferred at the cognitive level, it hardly moves the “HAND” to PERFORM.

KNOWING does not guarantee DOING. To “PERFORM” is an “ACT” and ACTIONS are propelled by “FEELINGS” or the management of “FEELINGS”. The process is “THINK-FEEL-ACT”... MSW Research concluded that “Emotion is the singular most important factor in Employee Engagement”

While the goal of training is TRANSFORMATION, when a training does not impact the HEART to invoke EMOTIONAL reasons for CHANGE, the training would not yield the expected transformation

At Pause Factory, we have mastered the art of touching the HEART; every training is soaked in Emotional Intelligence Competencies; thus, while others build the head, we Build the HEAD and the HAND through the HEART.

The Concept Behind Pause Factory's Logo


Pause Factory


Shield Build Up


Emotional intelligence (EI) or emotional quotient (EQ) is the capacity of individuals to recognize their own, and other people's emotions, to discriminate between different feelings and label them appropriately, to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, and to manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt environments or achieve one's goal(s).





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Our Crest

We are a Member of International Society for Emotional Intelligence