The Power of Validation

It is a fantastic meditation on the power of kindness and how we have the power to validate each other. Please Watch


I’m a high school teacher, and I show this video every year on the last week of school.  My teenagers don’t her validating comments very often, and there are always a few tears.  After the video, I give all of them a piece of copy paper with their name on it.  I’ve written a paragraph of validation for each of my 130 students, and then the class circulates, writing anonymous validation for each other.  It’s the best activity ever, and the kids remember it so fondly.

I love this short film. I had watched it years ago and I had forgotten about it. I just watched it again, I still teared up at the end.
 – Joy Doerksen
You are awesome. You are loved. You may think this is just a sappy video and that people need to just pull themselves up by their bootstraps and stop being so emotional. But that’s not the case. It’s time for you to feel what you feel. Are you truly happy? Recognize that you have become hardened because the world seems so cruel. Yes, the world is cruel. But someone out there loves you. Someone cares about your well-being. You have value. You feel lost and alone because you’re scared to feel. You will deny my words with all your strength because you don’t want to appear weak. Stop. Stop worrying about your image. Start worrying about your happiness. It is not on you to prove to the world that you are superior. It is on the world to accept you for your genuine self. You have a right to your emotions. You have a right to be your genuine self. And whether that be assholish or not (I, too, have my bitchy side), people WILL appreciate you for being super honest. Just be you. Yes, in certain roles we must all conform, but when it comes to matters of love and friendship… don’t play a game. Just be real. You might be surprised just how happy you become when you find someone who gets you, accepts you, and supports you for being the person you currently are and the person you want to be. Find someone who inspires you to go down that path. You can find happiness. You can be a better person. You can experience the joys of true love (platonic or romantic). It’s time for you to love yourself. You deserve it.

– Rory Triscuit

This really is an amazing video. I’ve never looked through the comments and not seen something negative or someone arguing. But every comment here is uplifting and the conversations are kind. It just shows how a little love can go a long way! This is beautiful!
– Hanna Flynn
I tasted the warm, salty tears as they trickled down my cheek into my mouth. They tasted like happiness and joy (still a bit salty). And boy was I SMILING! This short film is a gift.
– Trevor Smith
Wierd guy smelling and licking his card 1:47 never noticed that before haha.
– David
hahaha. I love that line “You payed for parking……for me?” Also when he told Saddam Husein he has amazing Mustache. Smile
– RichieSills Covers
Why can’t people be like this in real life? Almost made me cry at the end.
– Leavethebuilding
Kurt Kuenne, you are awsome. Thank you so much. Must be the tenth time I look at it. And will do again.
– Sandrine Dereu
Counseling Psychology class brought me here. Because watching this in class brought me to smile after a long day of down.

– Ariena Hamid

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June 24, 2019

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