Improved Sales Performance With EQ Application: Case Study

Sales Performance: Case Study

After completing a three-year study at Amadori, a leading supplier of McDonald’s in Europe, researchers further explored the relationship between emotional intelligence (EQ) and the performance of the Amadori sales force. Performance data for members of Amadori’s sales department were combined with results from the Six Seconds’ Emotional Intelligence (SEI) and Brain Talent assessments (information on Six Seconds’ EQ models and assessments can be found at Extensive analysis revealed that specific EQ competencies were present in the top performers and were major drivers of performance for the sales force.

We started with a total of 68 people, but filtered only for 2014 results and eliminated any outliers in which
the data distribution did not comply with the reference sample. This generated a final sample of 51 people to analyze. We focused on 2014 to allow us to evaluate more recent performance of the sales people analyzed.

In particular, this study sought to uncover and understand the relationship between the emotional
intelligence of sales people and their performance. The analysis focused on three questions:

Q. Does EQ influence the performance of sales people?
Q. What are the key EQ competencies of the top performers?
Q. What are the key competencies to look for in a sales person during the selection process?

The variables investigated and Tools used The following tools were utilized to measure soft people skills and hard sales performance targets:

SEI Assessment
The Six Seconds’ Emotional Intelligence (SEI) assessment was designed for adults age 18 and over. Typical uses include learning and development, coaching, selection, and metrics for strategic planning and cultural transformation. The SEI has undergone three rounds of validation testing and has been used in several significant research studies. It measures:

1. Eight competencies of emotional intelligence


2. Four performance Success Factors

3. Eighteen Brain Talents

The brain has certain capabilities. Six Seconds uses the metaphor of a smartphone App: a “Brain App” is like a tool for the brain; it represents the capability to apply an important talent. The 18 Brain Apps describe unique, powerful capabilities to create positive change. Grounded in research, these Brain Talents are essential to flourish in complex times – at work, in school, and in life.

In addition, Amadori’s Performance Management System was utilized to identify key company metrics.
For sales, the Amadori performance system includes various parameters. The two most important, and the ones selected for analysis, are:

1. Number of clients served
2. Kilograms of product sold
Performance objectives are established quarterly and results are communicated to each agent on a daily basis.

Kindly note, the practical details of the 3 phase  intervention and how the above 3 question was solved isn’s stated here.

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April 24, 2019

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