Balancing Your 2019 Goal

As a new year begins, it is not unusual to see a lot of people set new goals, some create new year resolutions, others simple create goals that they would like to achieve. I believe you have created some goals too, some for your business, family, work, health, and even for your emotions; although a lot of people hardly create emotional goals like, I want to be happier this year, I want to be less angry this year, or I want to manage my reactions better this year.

While it is okay to create goals, it’s important to know that our goals have to be balanced, for every technical goal there will be an associated emotional goal. A balanced goal identifies the technical and emotional elements of the goal.

If you want to buy a house this year, that would be a technical goal, however, there are various emotional goals tied to it, for example, spend less save more, which might mean eat less of what you love eating or enjoy less of what you love enjoying; these are emotional variables


If your goal is to acquire certain certifications this year, then you might party less, visit lovely friends less, these are emotional variables.

If your goal is to improve the achievement of your sales target in this new year, then you might need to be more resilience, or more persistent or more compassionate with your clients. Resilience, persistence and compassion are emotional variables.

Or maybe your goal is to be a better leader in 2019, then you might need to listen more, be more empathetic or be more prompt, these are also emotional variables.

Now you see the relationship between technical goals and emotional goals, so let’s go to the how.

How to create a balanced goal












Step 1: Study your goals and identify the emotional variable associated to it.

What feelings helped me achieve or hindered me from achieving my goal last year? What are the things I enjoyed so much that distracted me from my goal last year?


Step 2: Rewrite your goals to capture the emotional elements

Now go back to your goals and input the emotional elements so they become balanced. For example, if you wrote, my goal is to become a better leader in 2019, then rewrite it as “To become a better leader, by listening more, and being more empathetic.

Step 3: Identify the actions to deploy in practicing the emotional elements

It’s not enough to write a balanced goal, achieving them are most important. So, what are the practical activities you will carry out when it’s time to deploy the emotional elements of your goal? List them and meditate on them continuously, meditating  will help you put them into action when the moment of truth arrives, this will be easy because when meditating on them, your subconscious is accepting them which makes it easy to take the action when required.

An example from the leadership goal will be, whenever my associate is talking, I will calm down and listen, I will give full attention.

The above steps will definitely help you achieve your goals, to learn more about the emotional elements of life, you can click and purchase “Emotional Intelligence for Life and Living”


Wishing you a fruitful year ahead.

By Enahoro Okhae

MD/CEO Pause Factory.

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January 7, 2019

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