I am assuming that you know the difference between sales and marketing. After all the marketing, the client calls you or you are able to get a meeting appointment; how then will you sell from the heart.

What you should not do is show up like a sales guy who is energetic and know all there is to say with so much to say. What you must do is be able to connect with this person and build enough rapport that allows the prospect to be free enough to share with you. Key words here are building connecting and building rapport.

HEART 1: Emotional insight. (Understanding Human Dynamics)

Fierce Person
Fierce Person

In a few minutes, you should be able to identify the personality of the prospect so you know how to relate with him or her.

The person could be a FIERCE Person who is an extrovert and concerned with results, this guy will need you to get to the discussion quickly and focus on the reason for sitting. The prospect could be a FUN based person who is also an extrovert and concerned with relationships; this prospect would like to discuss general things and know you a little more, this guy will expect you to be exciting. The prospect could be a FRIENDLY person who is calm and concerned with relationship, this person would expect you to be relationship focused; also take things easy. The prospect could also be a FACTUAL person who is calm but concerned with facts and quality, this guy would expect you to be calm and be tidy and give facts. When you are able to give your prospect their expectations by mirroring their personality whilst blending it with yours in the first few minutes of the discussion, then you would have started building rapport.

Fun Person

HEART 2. Connect.

Gettyimages picture: Friendly sales support person
Gettyimages picture: Friendly sales support person

For a FIERCE and FACTUAL person, they would expect you to go straight to business, whilst the FUN and FRIENDLY prospect would expect you to build relationship before getting down to business; no matter what personality type they are, it is important for you to first look for a common ground, which will be a little discussion about general things, say, wow I love your Manchester United Emblem( that’s something you saw on the table) or how are you coping with the rains, everywhere is wet, it really slowed us down on our way here. If the prospect comes up with something general, then you can discuss that rather than create your own.

It is important for you not to fake this as a script, but be genuine about it, be willing to have that short moment, that’s where the connection lies. While you are at this, it’s important not to just say a statement and move to the business of the day, the key area of connection is the ability to discuss that general topic for some minutes before you go into the business of the day. The bigger the connection, the bigger the business you can discuss, the lower the connection, the lower the business you can discuss. This stage is very crucial. This is Empathy, this is relationship.


Factual Person
Factual Person

In all the discussion that will follow, your most important goal is to listen, the customer is not interested in your product, they are interested in what your product can do for them, and until you are able to understand their challenges, you would not be able to fit your product into their pain. Your level of connection can be measured by how much the prospect is ready to share, if you connected well, then you would have brought the customer to a position of speaking two times more than you speak. If you are able to listen, then you would be able to carry out other stages in the sales process; meaning you would be able to qualify the customer deeper, manage objections better and close the deal faster.

Authored by Enahoro Okhae;
President of Pause Factory
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August 30, 2018


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