We all agree that leadership is Influence, but what exactly is influence? Is influence technical or relational? Obviously, Influence is relational and if relational, then the capacity to influence lies hugely in relational capabilities. Influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something. A person with influence is a person with the capacity or power exert positive or negative change in their sphere of contact.

If there is one thing organizations would continually need, it will be the leaders with capacity to have a positive effect on the character, development or behavior of their subordinates especially as they work together to achieve organizational goals. That capacity is a relational capacity that is learnable and measurable. It is a journey that requires a relationship between two parties and starts with the leader not the subordinates.

The beginning of influence starts from the first part of our wheel, KNOW YOURSELF. How much influence do you have in the office?, how much influence do you have at home?, how much influence do you have with people you meet?


How do we know a leader with INFLUENCE?

If you are a leader with Influence, your influence will be seen through the level of motivation your team sustains, how well and fast they are able to embrace the change you bring to the table, how much togetherness exist in their teamwork, more importantly; the level of achievement attained through their execution and most importantly; the level of trust that exist in the team with the leader and within the team mates.

These are five measurable variables that reveal the level of influence a leader has. If you will like to know the level of your influence on your subordinates then take our Leadership Vital Signs.  It is scientific and anonymous.

Understanding the level of your influence and what you do to achieve that level is what we term KNOW YOURSELF, which is the first part of the wheel. The color is blue because it connotes reflection. What are your patterns, strengths, and weaknesses?, what are your typical responses to people around you and to a particular person or a particular situation or situations?. Are you achieving the results you want?. You could also know yourself in a present situation by asking yourself questions like; how am I feeling?, has this happened before?, what thought is driving me right now?.


When you are able to gain clarity about these questions coupled with clarity about motivation, change paradigm, teamwork, execution and trust of the people that work with you then you can move to the next part of the wheel which is CHOOSE YOURSELF. The color is red because it connotes “stop” or “pause”. There are obviously areas of improvement you identified as you read the questions in KNOW YOURSELF, in order to optimize your level of influence, you need to learn how to take that crucial pause before you carry the actions that generate unwanted results. Pause to think; think of the cost and benefits of the action you are about to take, think of how it will affect others, ask yourself if the action aligns with your values, ask yourself if the action matters now, will this action give you the ideal result, is this the right time to say it, what will others learn from the action. Will it empower motivation, create change acceptance, smoothen teamwork, ensure execution whilst building trust?

Sometimes your pause will be 1 minute long, other times it will be less and other times it will be longer. Those who are able to pause, think before they act and would usually make better decisions and thus increase the leader’s influence. This part of the wheel helps you to manage yourself.

The last part of the wheel is known as GIVE YOURSELF. This is about what you eventually do; your action, the color is green because it signifies “go”. One powerful way leaders can empower their leadership influence is to think of their “Noble Goal”, not the goal to achieve material things but the goal that empowers humanity and at the same time gives you fulfillment. That goal that you don’t mind achieving without any financial gain. Every human being has that goal hidden somewhere inside of them. Mine is that “every contact with me will lead the person a step towards their destiny”. When you find that goal, begin to use it as a standard of measuring your actions. You will realize that it will become a safe regulator for you and increase your leadership influence.

The Know yourself, Choose Yourself and Give Yourself wheel is an Emotional Intelligence model that has 8 other competencies. The more you practice them, the better your leadership influence.


Enahoro Okhae

President; Pause Factory.


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June 20, 2018


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