Tapping the Science of Happiness – Wellbeing

Tapping the Science of Happiness – Wellbeing

Emotional WellbeingIt’s often been said that variety is the spice of life, and science bears that out. Researchers studying happiness have found that varying one’s routine increases happiness dramatically. Alison says diversity is important to life balance and trust, and thus to wellbeing: “It’s very protective to be doing a variety of things rather than just focusing on one aspect of life. So much of that comes back to our values, understanding how we prioritize things and the benefits of slowing down enough to stay very aware. Keeping a kind of true north that aligns to our values. In this way the decisions we make will also align with our values which is essentially our EQ noble goal. We’re more likely to stay motivated to make decisions that are going to take us down that legacy track.”

Alison says it’s all about awareness of why we are doing what we’re doing, and aligning our actions with our noble goal.  As she remarked, “If we have an awareness that we are working 70 hours a week and love it, and it’s our absolute passion, we’re probably feeling in balance. It’s about going back to our values and noble goal, and thinking about how our behaviors and choices are aligning with our intention. What’s the impact on our family? How do we use our EQ to help us make the decisions we want to make so that we have that head/heart/gut feeling we are heading in the right direction?”

Alison goes on to say, “When we think of being authentic, it also speaks to how we create that deep bond and connection with the words that we use. Everything we do is helping our clients or our coaches to have better conversations, to interact with people differently, to understand how others’ brains work, how our own brain works, and aligning that to the neuroscience behind emotional intelligence. It’s such a powerful blend.”

The Spark of Connection – Engaging People in Authentic Dialogue

At a recent EQ Café, Alison said a room full of mostly strangers went from feeling cautious to feeling engaged. The focus was on building trust to achieve a sense of balance and connection. As she noted, “We had 22 mostly corporate people from many different organizations, and the café was hugely experiential. With only one hour for the cafe,  it was wonderful to witness the way people were delving into meaningful and purposeful conversations, the way they were interacting, the way they were listening; there was such a shift in their trust levels. Thanks to Josh for creating the template for this workshop, it was really great.”

So, perhaps if total strangers can greet each other wanting to learn to be more aware of their patterns, then that EQ awareness will ripple outward and reach more and more people, reversing the trends of fear and dis-ease currently underway.

And, if high-level executives are having trouble managing the pace of technological change, so are teachers, parents, and kids in school. The age of Instagram, selfies, and Twitter has ushered in a whole new batch of threats to living a stress-free life imbued by a sense of wellbeing.


…Authored by Rachel Goodman of 6Seconds

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January 26, 2018

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