Memories of The 2 Weeks World Project For Raising Awareness of Emotional Intelligence

Author: Paul Stillman, Six Seconds and Edited by Folorunsho Teslim For Emotional Intelligence Academy


World Refuge Day #SeekingRefuge

…both men and women assume a sober mood when it came to the time for them to share their own experience of seeking refuge. The most poignant was a scenario of a young CEO of an HR firm, who narrated that:

“As a teenager looking for a greener pasture to thrive but only to be thrown out of her sister’s house by her self after an incidence occurred. So he was left looking for shelter at night with no one to help”.

Seeking Refuge: Memories and Impressions of a Week of Sharing and Connection

Those powerful opening words begin to tell the story of seeking refuge. Have you sought refuge for yourself or your family or given refuge to someone in need? Recently, Emotional Intelligence Academy hosted 2 weeks of activities in conjunction with the UN’s World Refugee Day towards realizing the global initiative of Six Seconds  Emotional Intelligence Network.

The photo gallery of this event depicts some of the images from gatherings during the event in which people came together to talk about and take action on this critical topic. At the end of the 2 weeks, we asked participants to seed us a feedback.

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Refuge scenario shared by participant from around the world

“The story that I could share is about the individuals that are trying to come to the USA via south of the border. They talked to me about the problem and obstacles that they need to overcome and survive to get away from the economic and crime problems of their countries because of the drug cartels. They feel trap because their family members are killed and before the entire family is wiped out, they try to seek refuge in the USA. However, this brings other issues with the USA. So they talk but they do understand that the problem is bigger than it looks,a nd the solutions are not easy. ” –Dr. Art Trejo, USA

One participant’s example was a mother in labor. He mentioned the mother’s feelings and how during labor she would need refuge in someone she could trust, and her need for a physical and emotional environment which would provide that refuge; that led us to talking about refugees, their need for security, shelter and acceptance.” –Suheyla Pinar Alper, Turkey

“I think it’s an amazing way to raise awareness for global EQ but I could not help thinking about how many people in Florida and Fort McMurray were thinking about seeking a type of refuge. I think a lot about those families.” – Diane Porter, Canada

“My HR rep at a local college is interested in adding this topic to Professional Development for Registration staff at our community college.” –Judith McLean, Canada

“We have a worker talking about how difficult for him to seek refuge in Ho Chi Minh City. He was poor and have no money but some of his university friend helping him by providing milk and bread. He said , it was good today we think of those who are seeking refuge and it was really difficult for him to imagine how he went through and the fear he had,” – Stephen Khor, Vietnam

“David, aged 10, learned the truth of media distortion around the issue of immigration into the UK when he expressed in front of the whole drama group, ‘So, they’re lying to us?’. This was, in direct response, to the campaign of Nigel Farage which purported that the UK was bursting at the seams with migrants. Not true, the UK migrant figure stands at 4% (the perception of the UK electorate is that the figure is 26%).” –Andrew Taylor-Edwards, Wales

“My youngest participant said she understood refuge when she first shared her umbrella with a stranger. This was while she was 7 years old. She found fulfillment when her family offered refuge to people who left all back home in a war torn Sri Lanka. She quizzed the group of the cats, cows, dogs left in Syria and why there is hardly any mention of these living beings.” –Malathi Swaminathan, India


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January 24, 2017

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