Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

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How do you get started with Emotional Intelligence?

Well you can start right away;

  • can you identify how you feel as you read
  • can you name the emotion you presently sustain;

The ability to identify your emotional state is the beginning of Emotional Intelligence. It is called Emotional Literacy. Its about tuning into yourself to identify what you feel. Once you can identify that emotion then you get intelligent with it.


We call it “Know Your Self”, it can somewhat be called Self Awareness.

Tune into your self, take a deep breadth, and ask your self “which emotions am I feeling”. Am I nervous, happy, sad, excited, angry; what exactly am I feeling, if you can train your self to become very present to the extend that you can identify what particular feeling you are sustaining per time, then you are on your way to increasing you Emotional Quotient.

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January 24, 2017

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