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  • Unlocking EQ

    February 06,2018 / 0 Comments

    Unlocking EQ Event: Certification | 1 June, 2018, Lagos State, Nigeria Price: $330 | N120000 | More: PDF brochure or link Details Dive into Six Seconds’ powerful methodology and learn why, what, & how emotional intelligence works. This is the only course of its kind – ideal...

  • Emotional Intelligence-EQ Cafe-Connecting with Trust

    FREE Emotional Intelligence Training; EQ Cafe: Connecting with Trust

    September 12,2017 / 0 Comments

    Let the curiosity begin with; What is trust and why does it matter? How do we assess trust, and is it possible to increase it? This one emotion may be the most important all our feelings. Trust is central to healthy relationships at work and home - perhaps even the measure of your strength. At...

  • Emotional Intelligence Training

    FREE Emotional Intelligence Training; EQ Cafe: Brains For Collaboration

    May 20,2017 / 0 Comments

    Overview: How can we work together effectively to solve big challenges, such as the future of our planet? Earth is facing multiple threats and many of us feel the need to try to make a positive difference. But how can we best do that? Are there ways that we can join together and use our...

  • Emotional Intelligence For Corporate Couple Coaching

    March 28,2017 / 0 Comments

    EVER NOTICE HOW MANY OF YOUR THOUGHTS, DURING A COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR SPOUSE, TAKE YOU OUT OF THE PRESENT MOMENT TO FUTURE WORRIES OR PAST LAMENTS? If you’re not aware of what you tell yourself in your mind (self-talk), and uncertain about how to return to the present...

  • Emotional Intelligence Mastery for Superior Performance (Workplace and Life and Living)

    March 28,2017 / 0 Comments

    This course is specifically designed to empowered people to achieve superior performance in their workplace and life generally. Achieving superior performances is possible only when an individual is empowered to understand his/her personality, understand emotions, recognize patterns and have...


    March 27,2017 / 0 Comments

    DESCRIPTION …unpopular life tools every worker must have to attain their full potential OVER VIEW Confidence will help anyone achieve set goals and build strong useful relationships in life, the lack of confidence on the other hand is detrimental to one’s entire life. Lack of...

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