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  • Managing and Improving Employee Performance for HR and non-HR managers

    February 13,2017 / 0 Comments

    Necessary Tools for Performance Management Competencies Emphasized in this course: Leadership, Interpersonal skills, Teamwork, Self- Development, Developing others, Coaching, Managing OVER VIEW The PERFORMANCE of the EMPLOYEE; it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the SUPERIOR”;  and we would like...

  • People Smart

    January 13,2017 / 0 Comments

    Over View: Have you heard this? it is now a consensus by  coalition of world knowledge bodies that about 85% of what you do at work is “Relational” and only  about 15% is “Technical”.  This means that we all stand up to 85% chance of not achieving set goals . As far as we are people,...

  • Emotional Intelligence Certified Performer (Lagos: March 2017, Abuja: May, Part Harcourt: May)

    January 12,2017 / 0 Comments

    Emotional Intelligence Certified Performer Certification Building Capacity for Holistic Performance & Transformation | Focus | Drive | Decision Making | Relationship | CERTIFICATION’S VALUE PROPOSITION The EICP® is designed for participants to experience the core competencies of...

  • Emotional Intelligence For Certified Performer (EICP)

    February 23,2016 / 0 Comments

    Would you like to see your FOCUS, DRIVE, DECISION-MAKING and RELATIONSHIPS optimized to the fullest capacity in your Personal and Professional life? Then empower your Emotional Intelligence Competencies with the world’s best tools and immediately fuel positive change in life generally starting...

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