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We Build the HEAD(Knowledge) and the HAND (Action) through the HEART.

OUR PHILOSOPHY -THE HEAD-THE HEART-THE HAND Pause Factory; Emotional Intelligence Academy is the Training academy of Simeon’s Pivot Resources; a Human Resource and Management Consulting Company. We are a member of International Society of Emotional Intelligence and our President is a Licensed Emotional Intelligence Practitioner by Six Seconds; the world’s largest Emotional Intelligence Network Over the last 9 years as Simeon’s Pivot Resources, we have successfully deployed leadership, management and soft skills training programs, impacting knowledge within all levels in organizations from Drivers to Chief Executive Officers in all sectors of the economy. In all of these years, we never stopped searching for the secret to successful employee transformation through training. Based on global research and our mission to fact find the secret to the success of training, we have come to realize that there exist the “training of the HEAD” and also the “training of the HEART”. When the HEAD is trained, information is transferred at the cognitive level, it hardly moves the “HAND” to PERFORM. KNOWING does not guarantee DOING. To “PERFORM” is an “ACT” and ACTIONS are propelled by “FEELINGS” or the management of “FEELINGS”. The process is “THINK-FEEL-ACT”…. MSW Research concluded that “Emotion is the singular most important factor in Employee Engagement” While the goal of training is TRANSFORMATION, when a training does not impact the HEART to invoke EMOTIONAL reasons for CHANGE, the training would not yield the expected transformation At Pause Factory, we have mastered the art of touching the HEART; every training is soaked in Emotional Intelligence Competencies; thus, while others build the head, we Build the HEAD and the HAND through the HEART.

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