• This model can be deployed for any category of staff in any department at any level. We manage the communication style and content to fit the participants.
    85% of workplace activities are relational and […]

  • “YOU ARE WHAT YOU SELL” is not a cliché; it is a fact. Sale, everything a Sales Person is doing is simply “relational. The real selling skills is the ability to manage prospects towards purchase and the distan […]

  • The root word for Emotions is MOT, and MOT means to move. At the root of every action (performance) there is an emotions, thus “Emotions Drive People, People Drive Performance. The ability to blend thinking a […]

  • Leadership; beyond all explanation is “ability to influence people” towards the attainment of stated goals. How do you relate with, communicate with, delegate, motivate, reprimand and influence different peo […]

  • Do you know that moving a vehicle from one place to another is the easiest part of your driver’s job? Our experience in drivers training reveals that countless drivers lack respect, effective communication, g […]

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