• Do you know that moving a vehicle from one place to another is the easiest part of your driver’s job? Our experience in drivers training reveals that countless drivers lack respect, effective communication, g […]

  • With the ever increasing busy schedules and demands of our work life, busy professionals, the C Suites and highly placed leaders would eventually require help to manage their travels, calendars, unending calls, […]

  • Culture is our way of life; A strong service culture leads to sustained improvements

    to customer experience, and a sustainable competitive advantage for organizations. But where do you start? and how do you […]

  • At a height in Sales every company is at equilibrium because there is a generic state for every  product; one of the key   reason why a lead, prospect, customer or client would buy into a particular “p […]

  • There is no gainsaying that outstanding Customer Service leads to customer satisfaction, repeat business, increased sales, customer retention, customer loyalty and eventually customer advocacy; and no matter how […]

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