Looking for a First Class Human Resources Consulting Company?

We help to bridge performance gaps through Status Revealing Diagnosis and Assessments, Training and Development, Performance Management, Human Resource Consulting and Leverage Solutions.
We help solve Organizational Problems, Develop Strategies, Alter Weak Unproductive Processes and Optimize Performance of Employees and Organizations at large.
We will be ready to grant you a free chat at your convenience in regards to how we can collaborate with you to enhance the continuous improvement in the day to day performance of your employees.

HR Consulting

An organization is only as strong as its workforce-its human resources. Pause Factory Resources offers a series of solutions to keep your staff and human resource motivated, inspired and positive.

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HR Technology

Our HR technology solutions helps people and organization to engage, cater, and create opportunities. With our latest tools you will be able to deploy your HR functions effectively and seamlessly.

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HR Outsourcing

At Pause Factory, we can shoulder your burden by you outsourcing your HR to us while you dedicate your time and concentration on more important and strategic growth of your organization.

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HR Management System

TalentBase is an easy-to-use web-based enterprise HR Information System enabling enterprises simplify and organize their HR processes. The platform offers a broad selection of features.

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