Office Protocol and Administration Training

february, 2018

feb8:00 pmfeb2:00 pmOffice Protocol and Administration TrainingOffice Protocol and Administration Training


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*Course overview:*

Understand the concepts of business etiquette and learn how to apply
business etiquette rules in a wide variety of typical business situations.

*Course Outline:*

*1-Office Protocol*

– Office etiquette
– Understanding business etiquette
– Maintaining a professional appearance
– Practicing office etiquette
– Office relationships
– Developing positive relationships with co-workers
– Avoiding rumours and gossips
– Developing relationships with superiors and staff

*2-Professional conduct*

– Appropriate use of the Internet
– Accessing the Internet
– Ethical dilemmas
– Handling ethical dilemmas
– Maintaining loyalty and confidentiality
– Personal issues in the workplace
– Handling personal issues in the workplace

*3 – Communicating in the workplace*

– Introductions
– Introducing people
– Following etiquette while being introduced
– Conversations
– Making conversation
– Etiquette in meetings
– Understanding meeting protocol
– Conducting yourself properly in meetings

4*- Etiquette in communication*

– Telephone courtesy
– Applying telephone courtesy
– Using voice mails and speakerphones
– E-mail etiquette
– Using subject lines and e-mail signatures
– Composing the body of e-mail messages
– Writing guidelines
– Formatting a business letter
– Writing memos and informal letters

*5 – Business functions*

– Attending business functions
– Identifying types of business functions
– Following etiquette at business functions
– Business dining
– Identifying table settings at formal dinners
– Following etiquette for business dining
– Handling utensils and napkins
– Applying basic rules of dining etiquette

*6 – Business functions*

– The Administrator as part of the support team
– The modern administrator’s highly needed abilities
– Verbal communication
– Effective written communication

– Telephone handling best practices
– Effective time planning


Month Long Event (february)


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