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How does learning work best?

Many people are committed to learning… in life, at work, and in school… and many people are working to help others learn. Sometimes it works beautifully – other times, we get stuck in resistance or frustration. What’s the secret to find your way through this “puzzle”?

Join this insightful, interactive EQ Cafe to learn about the latest neuroscience of learning, and how to use “emotional intelligence” as a powerful ingredient for creating optimal conditions for growth.

You will learn:

  • Obstacles to learning and how those apply to you, employees, students, others.
  • How emotions can block or fuel learning, and how emotional intelligence can help us use emotions in a more effective way.
  • Principles from the Six Seconds Learning Philosophy, a framework for creating emotionally intelligent processes – which we can use ourselves and teach others.

Who: Anyone interested in practicing emotional intelligence — for themselves, at work/home/school or as a coach/trainer/educator.

What: Free workshop

How: RSVP by registering

Your Host: Network Leader Enahoro Okhae


Tel: 08097374698 | 08096303933 |
Email: segun@pausefactory.org | ask@pausefactory.org

Date and Time

Fri, March 10, 2017

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


The knowledge Centre,

2 Ahmed Onibudo Street, Off Adeola Hopewell Stree, Victoria Island, Lagos

Organized by:

Six Seconds (USA) is the largest Emotional Intelligence Network in the world and is a nonprofit organization researching what works in Emotional Intelligence and sharing best practices via methods & tools that are Global, Scientific, Transformational. We teach the skills of emotional intelligence to fill the “missing link” needed for people to become more aware, intentional, and purposeful so individuals, teams, organizations, families, schools and communities flourish.



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april, 2017

12apr - 13apr 129:00 amapr 13Emotional Intelligence Mastery for Superior Performance (Workplace and Life and Living)


Event Details

This course is specifically designed to empowered people to achieve superior performance in their

workplace and life generally. Achieving superior performances is possible only when an individual is

empowered to understand his/her personality, understand emotions, recognize patterns and have the

competencies to manage and choose themselves in every situation.

Value Proposition

 Recognize and understand their personality, what informed who they have become, how it

influences their productivity and the effect on co-workers.

 Become aware of their Emotional Quotient, how it affects their day to day result and further

more begin to increase it.

 Begin to effectively manage and regulate their emotions to make sure they don’t disrupt their

behavior and vastly increase their productivity.

 Understand others people’s feelings when interacting with them and become a trusted

person in their network for a more healthy work environment.

 Understand others’ needs systematically and respond accordingly to get maximum results in

their interactions with them.

 Establish rapport with others and improve the effectiveness of their communication

 Become aware of the Emotional Darts that flies around the work place and become equipped to

deal with them.

Module 1

 6 Circles People Analysis™

 Who are you?

 Why you act the way you do

 The 3 Elements that defines YOU

 Ironical fact about your Environment

Module 2

 Emotion as data and process

 The Equation of Emotion

 Levels of Emotional Competence

 The Cycle of Emotions

 I.T.F.A Process of Emotions

 Emotional Intelligence Cognition

Module 3

Building Emotional Intelligence Competencies

8 Competencies for improving one’s Emotional Intelligence is divided into 3 major categories.

1. Know Your Self

Clearly seeing what you feel and do.

Emotions are data, and these competencies allow you to accurately collect that information.

2. Choose Your Self

Doing what you mean to do. Instead of reacting “on autopilot,” these competencies allow you to

proactively respond.

3. Give Yourself

These competencies allow you to put your vision and mission into your daily action so you relate and

lead on

Who can attend?

Individual that desire superior performance in life and workplace, from entry grade to managerial level

in any profession and department.

Venue: 19 Town Planning Way, Airtel Bus Stop, Ilupeju, Lagos

Cost: N75,000

Date: April 12 -13, 2017


Training Course: Emotional Intelligence for Corporate Couple
Duration: 1 Day
Cost: N30,000 Per Couple
Location: Lagos
Date: April 1st
Venue: 19 Town Planning Way, Airtel Bus Stop, Beside Mutual Benefit Insurance, Ilupeju, Lagos.
Inquiry: 08097374698 | 08096303933 | http://pausefactory.org/couple-emotional-mastery/
Email: segun@pausefactory.org | ask@pausefactory.org


Training Course: Confidence And Assertiveness Mastery
Duration: 1 Day
Cost: N50,000.00
Location: Lagos
Date: April/26/2017
Venue: 19 Town Planning Way, Airtel Bus Stop, Beside Mutual Benefit Insurance, Ilupeju, Lagos.
Inquiry: 08097374698 | 08096303933 | http://pausefactory.org/course/confidence-assertiveness-mastery/
Email: segun@pausefactory.org | ask@pausefactory.org
For Inquiry: Call now 09071292791; 08096303933; 08097374698 or mail: ask@pausefactory.org


Training Course: Emotional Intelligence Certified Performer
Duration: 3 Days Status: Certification Program
Cost: N175,000 Discount Available
Location: | Abuja | Port Harcourt
Date: #Abuja May 3 – 5, 2017 and #Port Harcourt May 31 – June 2, 2007.
Venue:#Abuja #Port Harcourt
Inquiry: 08097374698 | 08096303933 | www.pausefactory.org/eicp


12 (Wednesday) 9:00 am - 13 (Thursday) 5:00 pm


Simeon's Pivot Resources

19 Town Planning Way, Airtel Bus Stop, Ilupeju Lagos


Simeon's Pivot Resourcesinfo@simeonspivot.com; ask@pausefactory.org 19 Town Planning Way, Ilupeju Lagos

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