EQ Café


What is EQ and what would it mean to practice emotional intelligence?

Join this highly participatory EQ Café to learn about:

  • Your goals and how to reach them
  • How being smarter with feelings can help us move forward
  • What it means to “practice” emotional intelligence

Who: Anyone interested in learning how to practice EQ at work, or in your community.

What: Free workshop

When: February 23, 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Where: Simeon’s Pivot Resources: 19, Town Planning Way, Airtel Bus Stop, Ilupeju Lagos.

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Questions: Please email Six Seconds’ Network Leader, Enahoro Okhae ask@pausefactory.org

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The FREE Pause Factory (NIG) and Six Seconds’ (USA) EQ Café is a fun-but-serious session on using emotional intelligence to improve collaboration. We’ll explore challenges and strengths of collaborating to solve big challenges like improving the environment and organization.

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Organized by:

Six Seconds (USA) is the largest Emotional Intelligence Network in the world and is a nonprofit organization researching what works in Emotional Intelligence and sharing best practices via methods & tools that are Global, Scientific, Transformational. We teach the skills of emotional intelligence to fill the “missing link” needed for people to become more aware, intentional, and purposeful so individuals, teams, organizations, families, schools, and communities flourish.

august, 2018

FeaturedEmotional Intelligence Certified PerformerEICP


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You Can Also Find Out About Becoming an Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach With Us

Emotional Intelligence Certified Performer Certification

Building Capacity for Holistic Performance & Transformation

| Focus | Drive | Decision Making | Relationship |






After billions of dollars in research and fact-finding, using world class organizations, analyzing the human brain, closely studying different set of people worldwide over substantial number of years, the world knowledge bodies, scientists, information technology experts, human resource leaders including University of Yale, MIT, Harvard University, Silicon Valley, Society for Human Resource Management, International Coaching Federation and so on have concluded that Emotional Quotient which is the measure of your Emotional intelligence is more important to a holistic successful life than Intelligence Quotient.

Your emotional intelligence is linked to your effectiveness, well-being, relationships, decision making and drive.

Increase your emotional mastery and you would have a better quality of life.

“Emotional intelligence isn’t a luxury you can dispense with in tough times. It’s a basic tool that, when deployed with finesse, is key to professional success”.…Harvard Business Review

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Year Around Event (2018)

29aug(aug 29)9:00 am30(aug 30)5:00 pmFeaturedEmotional Intelligence Mastery For Superior Performance


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The root word for Emotions is MOT, and MOT means to move. At the root of every action (performance) there is an emotion, thus “Emotions Drive People, People Drive Performance. The ability to blend thinking and feeling in ways that lead to optimal decisions and noble intentions is the prerequisite for selfless performance and achievements. A deep understanding and utilization of Emotional Intelligence will improve Effectiveness, smoothen Relationships, enhance Quality of Life and improve Well Being. This course comes with status revealing emotional intelligence assessment that is used in guiding participants growth path for optimal performance.

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You, your staff or workers in your organization would need this training if the following describes you or them:

Individuals who know they can achieve more in work/life but find it difficult to do what is required of them.

Individuals whose work, results and achievements are being undermined by their aggressive communication style, anger issues and other forms of emotional weaknesses.

Individuals who are are kind-hearted and find it difficult to stand their ground and say no when it is required resulting in poor performance and results.

Individuals who are considered achievers but find it difficult to relate to certain types of people in their work/life and this is affecting some important aspect of their life and results at work.

Individuals who are highly driven but cannot really manage some emotions that are toxic for workplace and relationships.

Individuals who have identified a consistent pattern of negative emotions that are affecting their results and relationships.

Individuals who need to empower their ability to choose the lifestyle that is healthy for their well being.

Individuals who are not happy, do not feel fulfilled, do not feel satisfied with their efforts.

Individuals who find it difficult to accept other people’s ideas and always prefer to work alone in order to achieve results..

At the end of this training participants will be able to:

  • Recognize and understand their personality, what informed who they have become, how it influences their productivity and the effect on co-workers.
  • Become aware of their Emotional Quotient, how it affects their day to day result and furthermore begin to increase it.
  • Begin to effectively manage and regulate their emotions to make sure they don’t disrupt their behavior and vastly increase their productivity.
  • Understand others people’s feelings when interacting with them and become a trusted person in their network for a more healthy work environment.
  • Understand others’ needs systematically and respond accordingly to get maximum results in their interactions with them.
  • Establish rapport with others and improve the effectiveness of their communication
  • Become aware of the Emotional Darts that flies around the workplace and become equipped to deal with them. This model can be deployed for any category of staff in any department at any level. We manage the communication style and content to fit the participants.

During the course of the 2 days we will debrief your personality type and brain style, unlock your emotional intelligence capabilities and empower you with day to day strategies that is fit for you and your circumstances.

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  • Know Your Self Clearly seeing what you feel and do. Emotions are data, and these competencies allow you to accurately collect that information.


  • Choose Your Self Doing what you mean to do. Instead of reacting “on autopilot,” these competencies allow you to proactively respond.


  • Give Yourself These competencies allow you to put your vision and mission into your daily activities so you relate and lead on






19 Town Planning Way, Airtel Bus Stop, Ilupeju Lagos

August 29 – 30, 2018 (Early Bird August 12)

09:00 am – 05:00 pm



Designed for Organizational Staff at all levels requiring improvement in effectiveness, relationships, quality of life and well being.


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29 (Wednesday) 9:00 am - 30 (Thursday) 5:00 pm


Simeon's Pivot Resources

19 Town Planning Way, Airtel Bus Stop, Ilupeju Lagos.


Pause Factoryask@pausefactor.org

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