EQ Café


What is EQ and what would it mean to practice emotional intelligence?

Join this highly participatory EQ Café to learn about:

  • Your goals and how to reach them
  • How being smarter with feelings can help us move forward
  • What it means to “practice” emotional intelligence

Who: Anyone interested in learning how to practice EQ at work, or in your community.

What: Free workshop

When: February 23, 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Where: Simeon’s Pivot Resources: 19, Town Planning Way, Airtel Bus Stop, Ilupeju Lagos.

How: Save your space by Registering

Questions: Please email Six Seconds’ Network Leader, Enahoro Okhae ask@pausefactory.org

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The FREE Pause Factory (NIG) and Six Seconds’ (USA) EQ Café is a fun-but-serious session on using emotional intelligence to improve collaboration. We’ll explore challenges and strengths of collaborating to solve big challenges like improving the environment and organization.

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Tel: 08097374698 | 08096303933 |
Email: teslim@pausefactory.org | ask@pausefactory.org


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Organized by:

Six Seconds (USA) is the largest Emotional Intelligence Network in the world and is a nonprofit organization researching what works in Emotional Intelligence and sharing best practices via methods & tools that are Global, Scientific, Transformational. We teach the skills of emotional intelligence to fill the “missing link” needed for people to become more aware, intentional, and purposeful so individuals, teams, organizations, families, schools, and communities flourish.

november, 2018

FeaturedEmotional Intelligence Certified PerformerEICP


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You Can Also Find Out About Becoming an Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach With Us

Emotional Intelligence Certified Performer Certification

Building Capacity for Holistic Performance & Transformation

| Focus | Drive | Decision Making | Relationship |






After billions of dollars in research and fact-finding, using world class organizations, analyzing the human brain, closely studying different set of people worldwide over substantial number of years, the world knowledge bodies, scientists, information technology experts, human resource leaders including University of Yale, MIT, Harvard University, Silicon Valley, Society for Human Resource Management, International Coaching Federation and so on have concluded that Emotional Quotient which is the measure of your Emotional intelligence is more important to a holistic successful life than Intelligence Quotient.

Your emotional intelligence is linked to your effectiveness, well-being, relationships, decision making and drive.

Increase your emotional mastery and you would have a better quality of life.

“Emotional intelligence isn’t a luxury you can dispense with in tough times. It’s a basic tool that, when deployed with finesse, is key to professional success”.…Harvard Business Review

For details visit http://pausefactory.org/eicp/


Year Around Event (2018)


Simeon's Pivot Resources

19 Town Planning Way, Airtel Bus Stop, Ilupeju Lagos.


Pause Factoryask@pausefactor.org

30oct(oct 30)9:00 am02nov(nov 2)5:00 pmFeaturedEmotional Intelligence Certified Professional


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After billions of dollars in research and fact-finding, using world-class organizations, analyzing the human brain, closing studying the different set of people and their results worldwide over substantial numbers of years, the world knowledge bodies, scientists, information technology  experts, human resource professionals, ivy league universities like Yale, Harvard, Silicon Valley, Society for Human Resource Resource Management, International Coaching Federation, and so on have concluded that your Emotional Quotient (EQ) is more important in achieving a holistic success in life than your Intelligent Quotient (IQ).



Undiluted Content

EICP is the only Emotional Intelligence Certification that is 100% dedicated to and completely focuses on Emotional Intelligence in West Africa.


The only course that practically immerses you in the world of Emotional Intelligence for 4 straight days of face to face training, pre-course activities and post-course activities.


Global Partnership

Our partnership with Six Seconds makes this certification the only globally recognized Emotional Intelligence Certification in West Africa. Six Seconds is the worlds largest emotional
intelligence Network.

Globally Recognized Certificate

Your certificate will carry the highly respected Six Seconds “Preferred Partner” emblem which is recognized anywhere in the world.

Noble Goal Coaching

A one-on-one consolidation coaching session is available for every participant who so desires.



The EICP® is designed for participants to experience the core competencies of Emotional Intelligence, using the Six Seconds Model as a lead model and cascading into other potent available models. At the end of the program, you are expected to walk away with an in-depth
understanding of Emotional intelligence.
Vision: The Vision of EICP® is to produce leaders who would use the potency of Emotional Intelligence to make their world and the world around them a better place.

This course is designed for:

• Individuals who know they can achieve more in world/life but find it difficult to do what is required of them.
• Individuals whose work, results and achievements are being undermined by their aggressive communication style, anger issues and other forms of emotional weaknesses.
• Individuals who are are kind-hearted and find it difficult to stand their ground and say no when it is required resulting in poor performance and results
• Individuals who are considered achievers but find it difficult to relate to certain types of people in their work/life and this is affecting some important aspect of their life and results in work
• Individuals who are highly driven but cannot really manage some emotions that are toxic for workplace and relationships
• Individuals who have identified a consistent pattern of negative emotions that are affecting their results and relationships
• Individuals who need to empower their ability to choose the lifestyle that is healthy for their well being
• Individuals who are not happy, do not feel fulfilled, do not feel satisfied with their efforts
• Individuals who find it difficult to accept other people’s ideas and always prefer to work alone in order to achieve results.

• Individuals with deep emotional hurts from past or present issues always find their peace from EICP

Do you have a dream to become a certified life coach, help people become better people, help people sort out their emotional issues, then you need EICP.
EICP is the first step to our Emotional Intelligence Certified Life Coaching Certification (EICC). We believe you must be empowered before you can help others.


Date: October 30th – November 2nd, 2018.

Time: 9am – 5pm Daily

Venue: Ikeja Lagos

Investment: ₦250,000.00

Early Bird Discount: ₦200,000 for payment and registration made on or before30th of September

Group Discount available; Please call


For registration and questions

Olabisi Yusuf






October 30 (Tuesday) 9:00 am - November 2 (Friday) 5:00 pm


Pause Factoryask@pausefactor.org

novalldaynovalldayUnited Nation Universal Children's Day


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“To promote and celebrate children’s rights on the Universal Children’s Day, and continuously build up a living-friendly environment for children in the world through dialogue and actions.”

It’s also the date of the signing of the Declaration on the Rights of the Child (1959). In part, this Declaration was a response to the atrocities of WWII, and the growing recognition that children require special protection.

To celebrate, the 2018 Universal Children’s Day we’re holding POP-UP Festivals in 150+ countries this November (like we have done for 3 years now)— where children and their adults will learn about emotions, wellbeing, and children’s rights.

Register at www.pausefactory.org/event-register/


POP-UP Festival celebrates the UN’s Universal Children’s Day.  Around the world, UN Children’s Day is celebrated on November 20th each year to commemorate the day the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. It is the most widely ratified international human rights treaty, setting out a number of children’s rights including the right to life, to health, to education and to play, as well as the right to family life, to be protected from violence, to not be discriminated, and to have their views heard.

The UN celebrates Children’s Day each year to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare.

POP-UP Festival is a family-friendly celebration that increases awareness of the essential role that emotional intelligence plays in our children’s well-being, in our relationships with them; and in turn, in their capacity to make a positive difference in the world.

POP-UP Festival is a collection of fun educational activities to learn about emotions during November 2018.

POP-UP Festival is a DIY festival kit you print out and create stations for a group of children, adults, or both together. POP-UP Festivals can be held at home, in a classroom or church, at an office lobby, a children’s museum, in the park, anywhere children and the people who love them live, work & play.

Register at www.pausefactory.org/event-register/

Over the last 2 years we have organized Pop-Up-Festival and over the last one year we have trained 500 teachers in 30 schools on Social and Emotional Learning for FREE.

We know that when the teachers and educators are well grounded in Social and Emotional Learning, our children will be well taught and better built and thus have a better chance to become people of character. Teaching is a Relational and Emotional Activity

In order to reach more educators and teachers and children cum parents on Emotions, Wellbeing and Children’s right, we are requesting for sponsorship for the Emotional Intelligence UN Universal Children’s Day POP-UP Festival for Emotions, Wellbeing and Children’s right as we join our counterparts around the world to educate the heart of our children

We believe the Dufil Group brands is such that aligns with the context of this event and we hereby invite Dufil Group to be the main sponsor for event.

Register at www.pausefactory.org/event-register/

Participants Children’s Day POP-UP Festival

  • Children

POP-UP Festival stations have been created for a wide range of ages.  There are stations that will work well for children under 5-year-olds, 5-12, 13-18, and adults.

This age-group information is listed at the top of the host instructions for each activity station.  Because you are creating a festival that’s just for your audience, you can choose the stations that work best.

For young children who are not reading yet, you’ll need to adapt to have older children or adults who can help.



Several of the activities are ideal for teens for their own learning. Others are too “childish” for teens. So, you’ll need to select the activities tagged for teens. In addition, a wonderful role for teen participants is to ask them to be the hosts of the festival for parents + younger children. It’s helpful to have someone at each station who knows the game/exercise and can explain it… especially for people who don’t read yet.

Register at www.pausefactory.org/event-register/


The POP-UP Festival will be extra-fun for adults+children together, but it’s meaningful and interesting for adults only. They’ll learn more about their own emotions & wellbeing… and about how to support and communicate with children.

Adults could be parents, teachers, counselors, doctors & nurses, police officers, youth group facilitators…etc — basically anyone who has some interest in the future generation.

Register at www.pausefactory.org/event-register/

The Convener

Emotional Intelligence UN Universal Children’s Day POP-UP Festival

Enahoro Okhae


Pause Factory; The Emotional Intelligence Academy

19 Town Planning Way. Ilupeju, Lagos



Month Long Event (november)


Fountain Garden


Pause Factoryask@pausefactor.org

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