Emotional Intelligence Certified Professional Training Course


You Can Also Find Out What it Takes to Becoming an Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach. Call 08096303933.

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Emotional Intelligence Certified Professional Certification

Building Capacity for Holistic Performance & Transformation

| Focus | Drive | Decision Making | Relationship | 

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 Course Overview 

After billions of dollars in research and fact-finding, using world class organizations, analyzing the human brain, closely studying different set of people worldwide over substantial number of years, the world knowledge bodies, scientists, information technology experts, human resource leaders including University of Yale, MIT, Harvard University, Silicon Valley, Society for Human Resource Management, International Coaching Federation and so on have concluded that Emotional Quotient which is the measure of your Emotional intelligence is more important to a holistic successful life than Intelligence Quotient.

Your emotional intelligence is linked to your effectiveness, well-being, relationships, decision making and drive.

Increase your emotional mastery and you would have a better quality of life.

“Emotional intelligence isn’t a luxury you can dispense with in tough times. It’s a basic tool that, when deployed with finesse, is key to professional success”.…Harvard Business Review

At Pause Factory, we believe that the first step to becoming an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner is to immerse yourself into Emotional Intelligence competencies by beginning with yourself as an “Emotional Intelligence Professional” because you cannot perform beyond installed capacity and more importantly you cannot give the capacity you don’t sustain; hence “Emotional Intelligence Certified Professional”.

Your holistic performance would be empowered as you develop your own Emotional Intelligence which would improve your results in tasks and people based operations.

While we would expose you to several tools, the most important tool is YOU.



You should because: 

YOU are a human being, embodied with EMOTIONS

Your EMOTIONS influences all your ACTIONS

Your ACTIONS determines how the world DEFINES you and your ACTIONS determines your RESULTS in life                                                                                                



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We follow the Six Seconds Model of EQ-into-Action which begins with three important pursuits: to become more aware (noticing what you do), more intentional (doing what is best), and more purposeful (doing it for a noble reason).

This model is both simple and substantive. It’s easy to learn, practical, and action-oriented by providing a process framework for putting the science of emotional intelligence into practice.


Why EQ? What are the benefits of emotional intelligence?

How do these competencies drive performance, leadership, learning, change, relationship and effective decision making? Defining EQ: There are many different definitions of emotional intelligence – what does it really mean? How

What are the benefits of emotional intelligence?

How do these competencies drive performance, leadership, learning, change, relationship and effective decision making? Defining EQ: There are many different definitions of emotional intelligence – what does it really mean? How

Defining EQ: There are many different definitions of emotional intelligence – what does it really mean? How

How do Six Seconds put this science into action?

Impact on Self: What are impacts and why do they occur, what part do you play in the occurrence and how do they affect you

Know Yourself: Emotional Literacy.

What are emotions and how do they serve us?

How do people gain the vital power and information contained in feelings?

Know Yourself: The Brain.

What’s the neuroscience behind emotional intelligence, and how do I use a Six Second Pause to shift out of reaction?

Know Yourself: Patterns.

What keeps people repeating dysfunctional behaviors, and how do we change that?

Know Yourself: Brain Profiles.

How does my brain process EQ?

What are the Brain Profiles?

How can I use these insightful tools with others?

Choose Yourself: Consequential Thinking.

How do I use emotions to help me make optimal decisions?

How can I help others see this linkage?

Choose Yourself: Intrinsic Motivation.

What fuels my energy and lets me “steer my own ship”?

How do I use the Brain Profiles to understand and fuel motivation?

Choose Yourself: Optimism.

What skills to empower people to take charge of their futures in the face of stress and change?

Choose Yourself: Navigate Emotions. How do I transform emotions to move forward?

How can I explain the cycle of reaction and help people navigate out of reaction and into balance?

Give Yourself: Empathy.

What does it take to powerfully connect with someone, understand them, and build a solid foundation?

Give Yourself: Noble Goals.

What is a Noble Goal and how could it help me be more of who I want to be?

What is my purpose and how do I put that in action?

How can I help people discover their sense of purpose and use that to increase alignment and engagement?

Into Action. What are the most essential concepts from this week for me, my family, colleagues, and clients?

How do I apply these insights?

What are my next steps?

Cases. How can I apply the tools from this week to create positive change?



 Assessment & Diagnosis 

The S.P.E.A.R. Profile is an assessment tool that reveals |Self-Understanding | Patience & Perseverance | Expectation Management |Awareness of others | Relationship Management and Reaction







i-Factory Emotional Intelligence Assesssment


The i-Factory Personality distills behavioral tendencies of participant’s first nature, exhibiting their strength and weaknesses hereby helping to establish self-awareness and an accepted reason for self-management







The Brain Style Assessment deployed by Six Seconds USA distills the preferences of participant’s brain with regards to their FOCUS, DECISION-MAKING & DRIVE and also identify their brain talents.

          Brain Brief                              Brain Talent                            Brain Discovery                            Team

Others are Self Esteem Test and Optimism Test

Self-Awareness is undoubtedly assured after these assessments are debriefed.



Vision: The Vision of EICP® is to produce leaders who deploys the potency of Emotional Intelligence tools to achieve the holistic purpose of their life whilst making the world around them a better place.


In this course, you will…

  • Find yourself
  • Identify the different types of people in multiple models and their characteristics
  • Increase your own emotional quotient.
  • Understand the powerful “Know Yourself, Choose Yourself, Give Yourself” model and approach to increasing and applying EQ in addition to other globally accepted models.
  • Imbibe techniques to increase your holistic performance (personal, team and organizational)
  • Review the latest research on the brain, emotions and performance.
  • Take home dozens of proven EQ exercises and learning tools that you can use yourself whilst influencing the world around you
  • Experience the Pause Factory learning methodology.
  • Identify unknown models of analyzing eventual action to different situations
  • Explain the secret to relating successfully with different types of people
  • Recognize the unknown model of analyzing eventual action to different situations
  • Discover how to use Pause effectively
  • Recognize options available to them when relating in emotional charged situations
  • Discover how to change the compass of their emotions amidst situations

Achieve a conscious competence state with situations and people

This is a Personality Makeover Program

“The Pause Factory Emotional Intelligence Academy is one of a kind. I think Simeon’s Pivot Resources is making a major in road.  Enahoro Okhae is indeed a guru. Bringing him to our organization is a priceless value to our people.”

 …KUNLE .A SORIYAN; Principal Transformation Strategist; Olakunle Soriyan Company



This is the kind of trainings Leaders need to attend, if we knew about this, we would have made it part of the last Leadership Training in Dubai…

Folusho Samuel; Director; Human Resources; Industrial Training Fund


 Important Notice 

Course Schedule: March 20th – March 23rd, 2018. 8am – 5pm daily

Venue: Victoria Island, Lagos

Investment: ₦250,000.00 Per Participant; includes course materials, coffee/tea, lunches, 1 Year eLearning. Fee is Non-Refundable

Early Bird Discount: ₦225,000 for payment and registration made in January and February

Group Discount: 15% per delegate discount for Group registration of 3 or more people from the same organization.


 Learning Experience 

1. Pre-Course

Onboard smoothly into the core-course by engaging your sub-conscious through the following steps

  • Pre Course Personality Assessments

Take a series of personality assessments from Pause Factory and from Six Second USA which you would print and bring to class

  • Forum Introduction

Join the pre-course group, introduce yourself, share experiences from assessment questions and share expectations and get important messages

  • Emotional Intelligence Quiz

2. Core-Course

During the four days of physical contact with Nigeria’s best brains in psychology, neuro linguistic programming and mind mastery, you would go through “once in a lifetime” highly interactive learning experience that engages your body, mind and spirit. It includes:

  • Analyze real life experience with the tools you pick every day of the four days
  • Go through a continuous circle of Engagement, Activation and Reflection
  • Partake in deep discussion to reveal personal weak patterns and identify sure path to a “better you”
  • Experience firsthand emotional release sessions

3. Post –Course

The learning process does not end with the core-course, after the core-course participant will

Carry out a “Personality Convergence Exercise”

Enjoy a one-on-one coaching session with Pause Factory President (optional but advised)

Be in a community of Emotional Intelligence oriented people (optional but advised)

Get an accountability partner for your emotional intelligence journey (optional but advised)


Who should attend 

The course is designed for anyone serious about living a superior life of effectiveness, wellbeing, superior decision making, smoother relationship and more purposeful drive backed up with noble goals by being emotionally intelligent and making the world around them a better place, by living their holistic life with the competencies of Emotional Intelligence.


EICP is a perfect pre-requisite (first step) for Leaders, trainers, organizational development professionals, coaches, counsellors, psychologists, educators, and individuals who eventually want to help others achieve their full potential.

On completion of the EICP, you will be equipped to take the Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach (EICC).


The Pause Factory Certification is a globally recognized certificate


EICP is a game changer for me both personally and professionally. Now I know myself, I choose myself and I give myself. I’m beginning to re-write my stories so as to ultimately change my results and personality…Kudos to Mr. Enahoro and the entire Pause Factory Team.

Dr. Senjobi Folajimi O; Specialty Registrar in Family Medicine.



Pause Factory; Emotional Intelligence Academy is the Training academy of Simeon’s Pivot Resources; a Human Resource and Management Consulting Company. We are a member of International Society of Emotional Intelligence and our President is a Licensed Emotional Intelligence Practitioner by Six Seconds; the world’s largest Emotional Intelligence Network

Over the last 9 years as Simeon’s Pivot Resources, we have successfully deployed leadership, management and soft skills training programs, impacting knowledge within all levels in organizations from Drivers to Chief Executive Officers in all sectors of the economy.

In all of these years, we never stopped searching for the secret to successful employee transformation through training.

Based on global research and our mission to fact find the secret to the success of training, we have come to realize that there exist the “training of the HEAD” and also the “training of the HEART”.

When the HEAD is trained, information is transferred at the cognitive level, it hardly moves the “HAND” to PERFORM.

KNOWING does not guarantee DOING. To “PERFORM” is an “ACT” and ACTIONS are propelled by “FEELINGS” or the management of “FEELINGS”. The process is “THINK-FEEL-ACT”.... MSW Research concluded that “Emotion is the singular most important factor in Employee Engagement”

While the goal of training is TRANSFORMATION, when a training does not impact the HEART to invoke EMOTIONAL reasons for CHANGE, the training would not yield the expected transformation

At Pause Factory, we have mastered the art of touching the HEART; every training is soaked in Emotional Intelligence Competencies; thus, while others build the head, we Build the HEAD and the HAND through the HEART.


Testimonials EICP Nov. 2016


This is the kind of trainings Leaders need to attend.Read more

Folusho Samuel

Head Human Resources; Industrial Training Fund

This was therapeutic experience for me, learning to respond intelligently instead of reacting...Read more

Qunette Enilama; Child Educator

EICP Nov. 2016 Participant

This is a very good program; many Nigerians needs this at this timeRead more

Bimpe Olufemi; Associate Director, Head FITC Consulting

EICP Nov. 2016 Participant

EICP is a game changer for me both personally and professionally. Now I know myself, I choose...Read more

Dr. Senjobi Folajimi O; Specialty Registrar in Family Medicine.

EICP Nov. 2016 Participant

Feels and Thrills From The March and November, 2017 Early and Last Diet

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