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The root word for Emotions is MOT, and MOT means to move. At the root of every action (performance) there is an emotions, thus “Emotions Drive People, People Drive Performance. The ability to blend thinking and feeling in ways that lead to optimal motivation and noble intentions is the prerequisite for selfless performance. A deep understanding and utilization of Emotional Intelligence will improve Effectiveness, Relationship, Quality of Life and Well Being. This course is comes with status revealing emotional intelligence assessment that is used in the guiding participants growth path for optimal performance.

Value Proposition

At the end of this training participants will be able to:

  • Recognize and understand their personality, what informed who they have become, how it influences their productivity and the effect on co-workers.
  • Become aware of their Emotional Quotient, how it affects their day to day result and further more begin to increase it.
  • Begin to effectively manage and regulate their emotions to make sure they don’t disrupt their behavior and vastly increase their productivity.
  • Understand others people’s feelings when interacting with them and become a trusted person in their network for a more healthy work environment.
  • Understand others’ needs systematically and respond accordingly to get maximum results in their interactions with them.
  • Establish rapport with others and improve the effectiveness of their communication
  • Become aware of the Emotional Darts that flies around the work place and become equipped to deal with them.

    This model can be deployed for any category of staff in any department at any level. We manage the communication style and content to fit the participants.



Module 1

  • i-Factory Personality/Performance Analysis™
  • Who are you?
  • Why you act the way you do
  • The 3 Elements that defines YOU

Module 2 Defining and Analyzing “EMOTIONS”

  • Emotion as data and process
  • The Equation of Emotion
  • Levels of Emotional Competence
  • The Cycle of Emotions
  • I.T.F.A Process of Emotions
  • Emotional Intelligence Cognition

Module 3 Building Emotional Intelligence Competencies

8 Competencies for improving one’s Emotional Intelligence divided into 3 major categories.

  • Know Your Self Clearly seeing what you feel and do. Emotions are data, and these competencies allow you to accurately collect that information.
  • Choose Your Self Doing what you mean to do. Instead of reacting “on autopilot,” these competencies allow you to proactively respond.
  • Give Yourself These competencies allow you to put your vision and mission into your daily action so you relate and lead on

Who can attend?

Designed for Organizational Staff at all levels requiring improvement in effectiveness, relationships, quality of life and well being.


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