5 Cardinal Touch Points every manager must master to build performance

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Are the rules of management changing. Does it still suffice for Managers to simply know how to plan, organize, control and direct?  New research is now revealing that he climate the manager creates within the team/organization supports influences the ability to generate results.

How then do you articulate climate which ordinarily is intangible?

This program includes are six core topics that determine organizational climate and it has been designed to equip every manager with the most important tools for the people-side of their job. The curriculum strengthens performance with a powerful framework to understand the job of managing people, and practical tools to make it happen.



Module 1: EQ on the Dashboard

  • EQ the key Driver
  • 18 Performance Talents
  • 6 EQ Performance Indicators

Module 2: Essentials of Trust

  • Trust as a Feeling
  • Trust as a Performance Driver
  • 5 Cs of Establishing Trust
  • From Demanding to Earning Trust

Module 3: Beating The Challenge of Change

  • Change from the Brain
  • The Emotional Ring of Resistance
  • Exploring the Catalyst of Successful Change
  • From Managing to Inspiring Change

•One on one training/coaching with a world class certified life coach, NLP Practitioner and certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner
•2 hours per week for 4 weeks
•In-depth Personality Analysis


Module 4Igniting Motivation

  • Exploring the Ice Berg
  • Motivation vs Control
  • From Extrinsic to Intrinsic Motivation

Module 4: Enhancing Teamwork

  • When Team Feels
  • Group Affect Model
  • From Individual to Team Performance

Module 5: Accelerating Execution

  • From Rigid to Agile Execution

This  model can be deployed for any category of staff in any department at any level. We manage the communication style and content to fit the participants.

Value Proposition

After completing this training, participants will:

  • Recognize and understand their personality, what informed who they have become, how it influences their service style
  • Begin to serve customers from the heart
  • Understand customer personality types and the behavioral tendencies of each type of customer
  • Recognize the simple strategies to deploy in handling any type of customer
  • Recognize ways of taking charge of their immediate surrounding using their own emotional strength
  • Create a conducive environment for customers which allow transactions thrive successfully
  • Differentiate between the Goal and Noble Goal of Customer Servicing and begin to serve with the noble goal paradigm
  • Identify the secret to understanding customers communication beyond their words
  • Build better body language techniques for better customer relationship management



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